Increasing Voter Accessibility at LSU

This semester, we have been working on taking actions to increase voter accessibility on LSU’s campus, in the hopes that LSU can be a catalyst for the rest of the state. We are proposing two things: 1) a polling place at a centralized location on campus and 2) a signature on LSU’s student ID to make it legal voting identification.

HB 940 by State Representative Randall Gaines is currently under consideration in the Louisiana Legislature. This bill requires that universities comply with Louisiana regulations to ensure that students at Louisiana public universities can use their student IDs to vote. Geaux Vote LSU is in full support of this legislation. We encourage all LSU students to suppport this legislation, as it will provide greater access to the polls for Louisiana college students.

Sign the petition in support of this legislation.

For more information, read our research on the benefits of increasing accessibility on LSU’s campus.

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Why we want to increase voter accessibility on LSU’s campus

LSU students have the right to vote, and they have the right to vote without barriers.

Below you will find our research that has guided our activities this semester, Students as Citizens: Voter Accessibility on LSU’s Campus. Stay tuned for more information on Geaux Vote LSU’s activities and our plans to advocate voter accessibility on campus.

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Geaux Vote LSU

P.S.: Register to vote online.


Students as Citizens: Voter Accessibility on LSU’s Campus

Why we need to enhance voter accessibility on Louisiana’s college campuses and how to implement these changes, starting with Louisiana’s flagship university


Every Louisiana college student has the right to vote in Louisiana, but faces significant barriers to the polls, including location, access and identification. At Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, La., on-campus students are split into two precincts depending on which side of campus that a student lives. The west side of campus has to travel significantly further away off campus to vote, while the east side of campus is walking distance from its polling place on campus. We would like to resolve this issue by implementing a voting precinct at a centralized location on campus so that all students are able to walk to their polling place, rather than half the campus. Another barrier to voting is identification for those who do not drive and/or students who whose home residence is out-of-state. While not all students have a Louisiana driver’s license, every student has a Louisiana form of ID—their student ID cards. The only thing missing on LSU’s student IDs are a signature. We would like to get a signature included on LSU IDs, so that Louisiana will recognize it as an official form of voter identification. Read more or view below:

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