Polling Places for LSU Students

Election Day is near, and students should all be aware of where they need to go to vote for Election Day. Below you’ll find the polling locations for LSU students who have registered on-campus.

Everyone should check online before the register to make sure they are going to the right place! Go to the Voter Portal on geauxvote.com to find out where in the state you are registered to vote, and to make sure where your polling location is for Election Day.

Happy voting!

polling places 2015


Welcome Back/First Fall 2015 Meeting

Welcome back to school!

Well, it’s actually been a few weeks since school began. Now that the school year has began, we are going to hit the ground running again this year. First things, first: registration for the 2015 Gubernatorial Election.

We are going to be bringing some upcoming registration dates pretty soon, but for now, we are announcing our first meeting of the school year.

We are so excited to be bringing in so many more volunteers to help register voters and raise awareness for the upcoming election. The race to governor’s mansion is so important for students because the future of higher education funding in Louisiana is at stake. We want to bring as many LSU students to the polls as possible to make sure everyone knows that we are paying attention to the fate of higher education and other issues important to our state.

Please join us for our first meeting (see below for more information). We hope to see you there!

Meeting flyer 9-15